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Tackling Cybersex Trafficking of Children

This session will help you to understand what Cybersex Trafficking of children is and how it must be tackled on a global scale...

Strategies to Prevent Youth Exploitation in the Sex Industry

Speaker: Maria Koniuck
Provide law enforcement attendees with methods deployed by the Winnipeg Police Service as a means of detecting youth prostitution and persons that try to exploit them...

Believe in You

This workshop will demonstrate the value of the peer support model when engaging with clients who have experienced sexual exploitation and how this trauma informed approach is part of disrupting demand within communities across Alberta...

Freedom 8848

Speaker: Judd Lee
Freedom 8848 is a movement of men and women ready to engage in ending sexual exploitation by lacing up their hiking boots. Their goal is to raise BIG AWARENESS and SIGNIFICANT FUNDS toward ending the injustices of sex trafficking...

An Athlete's Silence

1 in 6 males are sexually abused before the age of eighteen. This number is higher in sports, since our society only deems this act as hazing, initiating, rite of passage, and the myth that males cannot be sexually abused...

The Limits of Evidence about Prostitution, Sex Work and Sex Trafficking in Canada (2014-2019)

Speaker: Debra Haak
Calls for the decriminalization of sex work in Canada rest on claims about how criminal laws increase risks for sex workers and infringe their security of the person rights guaranteed by the Charter...

The Case of the Reasonable Hypothetical Sex Worker: Update on Constitutional Challenges to New Criminal Commodification Offences

Speaker: Debra Haak
Does the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms preclude Parliament from criminalizing the commercial exchange of sex? In the first two challenges to three of Canada’s new criminal commodification offences...

Why We Must Address Demand to End Trafficking

As countries struggle to defeat trafficking for sexual exploitation, why aren’t governments confronting men who buy sex?  Glaringly and notoriously absent from the global response to human trafficking is a comprehensive effort to address the demand...

The Prosecution of Prostitution Offenders

Speaker: Nancy Fazenda
Ending sexual exploitation starts with changing ideas about the commodification of Women’s bodies. From a Prosecution’s perspective, this involves educating offenders whenever possible using Restorative Justice...

Safeguarding Children and Teens From Online Exploitation

The session will empower participants with practical and actionable strategies and tips for safeguarding children and teens from the threat of all forms of online exploitation. At all times I maintain a positive and age appropriate tone...

Fair Warning and a Fighting Chance

Speaker: Marilyn Evans
Children growing up today, face challenges unlike anything we experienced in our youth. One of these challenges is exposure to online pornography. Children frequently stumble across violent and sexually explicit materials without warning...

The Winnipeg Prostitution Offender Program

The presentation will focus on how we engage with men who have been arrested for purchasing sex. We will highlight the following topics:  Who are the men and why do they buy sex?, What is the legal situation around prostitution?,...

Growing up in a Porn Culture: Harms and Solutions

Speaker: Gail Dines
Prior to 2000, most young people would first encounter pornographic images in magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse. Their access to these (mainly) soft-core images was limited, so it was not a pivotal issue in terms of sexual health...

From Porn as Violence to Porn as Empowerment: What Happened to Feminism?

Speaker: Gail Dines
In the 1980s and 1990s the feminist movement developed a sophisticated and nuanced theory about the harms of pornography.  Starting from the premise that porn was a form of sexual violence against women...

"Corroding Childhood:" How the exposure of children to graphic online pornography is exacting a severe price for society

Speaker: Ernie Allen
ln July 2013 then-UK Prime Minister David Cameron said, "Today I am going to territory that can be hard for our society to confront. It is frankly difficult for talk about, but I believe we need to address as a matter of urgency...

Child Sexual Abuse Material: The Crisis is at the Breaking Point

Speaker: Ernie Allen
We often hear that this crisis is a result of unintended consequences, the misuse of technology that is overwhelmingly positive for humanity...

Why Prostitution Policy Matters in the Fight to End Sexploitation

A global supply chain of “sexually oriented businesses” (SOBs) exists for the purpose of provisioning people for sex. This vast complex of prostitution marketplaces is ground zero for sexual exploitation...

Moral Disengagement in the Beliefs and Behaviors of Sex Buyers and Society

Speaker: Lisa Thompson
In his work on “moral control,” Albert Bandura identified self-regulatory mechanisms that check inhumane conduct. However self-sanctions can be disengaged through a variety of methods that result in inhume conduct in extraordinary...

Complex Choice: Decision Making with Individuals Exiting the Sex Industry or Sexually Exploitative Situations

This presentation will give brief overview of Thrive’s Blue Door program and Coalition Against the Sexual Exploitation of Youth (CASEY).  The goals of the presentation are to address the complexity of choice and decision-making when working...

Women Forcing Change

Too often, feminists are told to wait for decision makers (usually men) to catch up to us as we push to free women from oppression.  We are told to take a “slow and easy” approach to change. While we wait for men to catch up, women and girls continue to be assaulted...

What I learned from talking to experts from around the world about pornography, teens, and porn culture

Speaker: Paul Lavergne
I recently presented to the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals at their annual conference on the topic of “Teens, Kids, and Online Porn, Social Media and Technology” and spoke with experts from around the world...

The Impact of Secret Sexual Behaviours on Intimate Relationships

Speaker: Paul Lavergne
In my work as a therapist, I see first hand the impact that secret sexual behaviours (SSB) has on relationships. One of the most widely misunderstood and under appreciated consequences of those who secretly and compulsively consume porn...

Bridging the Gap

Speaker: Val Caldwell
Bridging the Gap will provide participants with an overview of some of the most common concerns facing youth today in terms of their usage of technology and Social Media. It will also explore sexual exploitation and...

Pornography and Prostitution: What’s Patriarchy Got to Do with It and Why Should Men Care?

Fashionable talk about “sex work” avoids basic questions about sex/gender justice: Is it possible to imagine any society achieving a meaningful level of justice if people from one sex/gender...

Pornographic Distortions: The Struggle for Intimacy in the 21st Century

Robert Jensen will discuss how the pornography industry creates sexist and racist images for profit, and the corrosive effects of a pornography-saturated culture on our sexual imaginations...

How logical! Prevention Education Prior to the Average Age of Recruitment

Research findings to date, identifying what's needed to reach children prior to the average age of recruitment, to prevent them from being recruited into sex trafficking...

Non-State Torture and Sexualized Exploitation: Lynn's Story - Challenging Sellers' and Buyers' Impunity

The presentation will provide insights into their 28 years of research to clarify and define non-State torture by sharing visual models...

The Story of Derek: a life that could have been different!

Derek’s case is both tragic and highly representative of the issues encountered by individuals who suffer from the development of problematic sexual behavior and the fragility of humanity through pain...

Telling a better Manstory

Sexual exploitation is a supply and demand business model. Men are the source of that demand. If there were no buyers, there would be no exploitation...

Closing Plenary

A challenge to apply what we know and to keep moving forward on behalf of those exploited, despite the many challenges.

The Role of Pornography in Child-on-child Harmful Sexual Behavior

Speaker: Dawn Hawkins
While rates of child-on-child harmful sexual behavior is on the rise, few are looking at the role pornography plays in fueling this public health concern. This presentation will review a number of recent studies to help us understand these connections and provide some ideas for next steps as our movement wrestles with ways to stem this growing problem.

Disrupting Demand

Speaker: Trisha Baptie
Trisha is a respected expert on sexual exploitation nationally and internationally speaking from her 15 years of sexual exploitation. In 2007, she covered the Robert Pickton trial as an experiential woman and friend to some of Pickton’s victims as a citizen journalist for an online news magazine.

Tracia’s Trust, Manitoba’s Strategy to Stop Child Sexual Exploitation

Speaker: Briget Baer
The presentation will focus on the history/timeline of Tracia’s Trust, Manitoba’s Strategy to Stop Child Sexual Exploitation. It will also include Manitoba’s definition of sexual exploitation...

How Children and Youth are Leading the Fight against the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Speaker: Cheryl Perera
Children and youth have long been raising awareness, launching petitions, writing letters, meeting with elected officials and fundraising. They have been leaders and innovators in our movement to end the sexual exploitation of children.

Modern Day Predatory Behavior; The Myths & Facts of Child Exploitation

Like many other children, I was taught “stranger danger” at a young age. This concept always had emphasis on what the perceived image of a predator is - often painting an image of a dubious man in a trench coat or a man in a vehicle promising treats, or requesting help finding his lost dog.

Healing From Trauma

Speaker: Teresa Snow
Using a holistic model and Indigenous beadwork, the Facilitator brings awareness, traditional teachings and coping methods for healing trauma. The workshop also aids in healing trauma while identifying patterns and empowering individuals. Sharing her own life experiences, Teresa combines Indigenous knowledge and Art Therapy for healing.

Victimized by Pornhub

Speaker: Glendyne Gerrard & Heather Legarde
Pornhub has failed miserably in protecting children and adults.  The sharing and downloading of intimate images has caused great harms to many.  Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek, headquartered in Montreal, must be held accountable for these actions.  A victim of Pornhub’s sharing of non-consensual intimate images, a witness to Parliament’s Ethics Committee and recently interviewed by New York Times journalist, Nicholas Kristoff, H will be interviewed by Glendyne Gerrard, Director of Defend Dignity.

Holding Corporations Responsible

Speaker: Arlene Stinson
Choose Change is a campaign of Defend Dignity, inviting corporations to change harmful practices involving the ease of access to sexually violent images. Every year 5 companies are chosen and invited to change. Join us as we launch the 2021campaign during the Summit. Find out which companies we are targeting and how your involvement makes all the difference. Hear about past successes and the latest on corporate responsibility.

The Victims of the Demand

This presentation looks at the origins of the term and concept of "the demand." Who is harmed by "the demand" is reviewed. We conclude by discussing a new group of women who are harmed by demand, the "shadow women," who are the wives and families of sex buyers.

Ontario's Anti-Human Trafficking Plan

Speaker: Jennifer Richardson & Glendyne Gerrard
Glendyne and Jennifer dialogue about Ontario’s proposed new Anti-Trafficking legislation and the trends seen in trafficking in Ontario

Asian Women in Prostitution: The Intersection of Racism, Sexism, and Class.

Speaker: Suzanne Jay

Three Objectives or Takeaway Ideas:
1. What does the prostitution of Asian women look like in North America
2. What vulnerabilities lure and keep Asian women in prostitution
3. Calls to action: How to prevent harm and improve women’s equality

Police Panel

This panel will explore policing as it relates to sexual exploitation. Police officers, a survivor and expert on sex buyers will make for an informative discussion.

Transforming Attitudes and Actions of Sex Trade Buyers

The Sex Trade Offender Program (STOP) is an 8 hour Adult Alternative Measures Program. There are three primary goals: (1) provide accurate information about the laws and sexually transmitted infections; (2)educate about the dynamics of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking; (3) encourage empathy and transformation of attitudes and behaviours.

From Instagram likes to hardcore pornography: COVID-19, OnlyFans and the evolution of online sexual exploitation

Speakers: Meghan Donevan
The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened women and girls’ economic well-being. At the same time, men’s demand for access to women’s bodies has only intensified. Pimps and traffickers have taken full advantage of this situation and found new, insidious ways to recruit and groom women and girls into online sexual exploitation.

Protection for whom? Why the Equality Model on prostitution must be safeguarded

Speakers: Meghan Donevan
The Equality Model approach to prostitution (also known as the Abolitionist, Nordic or Swedish Model) decriminalizes prostituted persons while criminalizing buyers (men) who purchase access to prostituted person’s bodies. Since its introduction in Sweden in 1999, the model has been adopted by Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Canada, France, Ireland and most recently, Israel.