May 6, 7, 2021


The conference is now digital.

# CSES: Disrupt Demand

Why do we need a Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit?
To unite organizations and individuals in Canada fighting sexual exploitation.
To create an opportunity for networking and strategizing.
To fuel a movement towards collective action and ground-breaking strategies against sexual exploitation in Canada.

We are looking for speakers!

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The Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit brings more than 50 expert speakers who will present the latest research, innovative strategies, and lessons helpful to leaders from every sector. Check back regularly to see the speaker list.

Video Contest

Attention Youth and Young Adults tell us your solutions to issues around sexual exploitation in Canada.

The Details


Apply today for our survivor subsidy.  This scholarship includes free registration to CSES!

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Please check back for a more detailed schedule.

It is still very important to us to provide many networking opportunities even though CSES will be digital.  We will be using the Whova App which allows for exhibitors, sponsors, networking opportunities, virtual meet-ups and more.  Stay tuned for more details.

Though the in-person survivor banquet is cancelled, we’re still planning something special for survivors to gather online.  More details coming.

Law enforcement training for attorneys, judges and police, will be held on May 5, 2021. (invite only) | More Info

Transportation Sector Training for truck drivers, taxi drivers and bus driver, will be held on May 5, 2021. (invite only)

Training for Law Enforcement

The training will equip law enforcement personnel (attorneys, police officers, judges, lawyers, and law students) with a deeper understanding of the impact of sexual exploitation (prostitution). The training is based on 20 years of experience with the Prostitution Offender Program in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We will highlight how the justice system together with community agencies needs to respond to sexual exploitation by focussing on the demand side of paid sex. We will explore: the reasons of why men buy sex, the legal provisions in the Criminal Code of Canada about prostitution, enforcement strategies against demand, and the connection between the sex industry and missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.  We will also share powerful testimonies of women who have lived through sexual exploitation, abuse and trauma and how they are using their voices to educate sex buyers about the harms of this industry.

Organizing team:

The training is organized through collaboration between the Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services Winnipeg, Manitoba Justice Prosecution Services, Winnipeg Police Services and other community agencies.

Cost:  $20 and law students free (register link)


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The CSES Code of Conduct

Those attending the CSES understand that they do so in a spirit of open-mindedness, respect and tolerance. Defend Dignity (dD) does not tolerate harassment in any form. Participants agree to respect confidentiality and understand that the atmosphere at the CSES is appropriate for high-level relationship building and strategy development in growing the movement to end sexual exploitation.

dD reserves the right to sanction or expel conference participants who violate these rules.